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Jimmy Butler, The Miami Heat, Bakugo, And My Hero Academia

I’m Hesitant To Put Any Limits On Jimmy…

“I know sometimes he’s a little bit what borders on being insane, but that’s what we love about him. That’s what the fit is between the two of us. Our culture, the Miami Heat, we’re a little bit insane. We want to push those limits all the way, because right now that is what’s gotten us to the finals once again for the second time in four years. That teetering on the edge of insanity that Jimmy brings.” -Erik Spoelstra

Spoilers For The First Three Seasons Of My Hero Academia

“His actions at the Sports Festival were born of his deep-seeded convictions. He’s trying harder than anyone in his pursuit to become the top hero. If the villains think they have a chance with him, then they are grossly mistaken I can guarantee you that much.” -Eraserhead

This is from Episode 9 of My Hero Academia’s third season. At this point, Bakugo has been kidnapped by the League of Villains, who believe they can turn him villain because of his passionate but angry outbursts in the previous seasons, specifically from when he gets upset after taking first place in the Sports Festival. He wins, but in his mind only because of a technicality. His opponent in the finals refused to use the full extent of his powers to fight him, and he’s furious he didn’t get to face him at this best.

This Moment Is One Of My Favorite In Anime

In large part because it surprised me and subverted my expectations. For me, at least, I had mostly assumed that the buildup between Deku and Bakugo could lead to Bakugo’s villainous turn. Instead, after being given a public statement of faith from his teacher at the press conference, it only strengthens his resolve to become the number one hero. Not only do his teachers understand his motivations, but they understand that, at the end of the day, his quirks are what helps drive him to become one of the best.

And Now Here We Are, With The 8th-Seeded Miami Heat About To Start The NBA Finals

And we have none other than Jimmy Butler, one of the most passionate players in all of the NBA with a legendary story that came about from a practice in Timberwolves that’s been making the rounds again the last few weeks.

“I’m so passionate and I love the game, and I don’t do it for any other reason except to compete and go up against the best to try to prove that I can hang.” -Jimmy Butler

This Is A Guy Who Has Been Labeled As A Villain Time And Time Again

Not only for his time with the Timberwolves, but also for an incident after being traded to the Miami Heat and for being disrespectful in the middle of a playoff game. For better or worse, when you have a few incidents and the label gets attached, that label can become hard to shake off.

Now, Is Jimmy Butler Perfect?

Hardly, but nobody is. He is, however, a seemingly better player in the playoffs than he is in the regular season, something few players in the NBA manage to accomplish.

Can he be a little too passionate? Absolutely. And, frankly, he has good reason to be. He’s always had the deck stacked against him, ever since childhood. But, because of faith, not only from himself but from his loved ones around him, here he is. Part of an underdog 8th seed about to compete in another NBA Finals?

Do I like the odds of him and the Heat winning the championship?

Anything is possible, but they’re facing an incredibly uphill battle. Not only are the Nuggets a great and well-coached team, but Jokic is a transcendent athlete. I think the Nuggets might be too difficult for the Heat to overcome.

But Would I Count Them Out?

Never. People like Jimmy Butler are built for moments like this, and his teammates and the Miami Heat have a proven track record of being built for just the same thing. He knows what he’s here to do. The only question now is, facing the best of the best, can he manage to do it?

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My Top 32 Landing Spots For DeAndre Hopkins In Order Of Where They Fall Alphabetically

A Look At Each Team As A Fit Now That Hopkins Is A Free Agent.

1. The Arizona Cardinals

Beautiful to be getting this one out of the way from the start. Not since Kevin Costner in Draft Day would such a huge plot twist be on the table.

Perhaps the only reason DeAndre Hopkins pushed to be traded or released is because he wants Kyler Murray to stop playing so many high-end AAA video games. After seeing the loss of Nuk, Murray commits to abstinence from all video games and Hopkins comes back at a reasonable price for everyone involved. Kevin Costner rejoices somewhere far past Yellowstone.

The likelihood of this happening? 1/32. Murray isn’t giving up his one true passion.

2. Atlanta Falcons

This fit works, despite being pretty unlikely. Hopkins is a perfect fit alongside Kyle Pitts and Drake London, but it’s unlikely he’d be willing to go without a huge contract and the Falcons are committed to the run game.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Literally impossible. Never going to happen. Been covered. Professionally.

4. Buffalo Bills

Hopkins loves Josh Allen. Honestly, if it weren’t for the salary cap I’d probably peg this close to the top. The entire roster is built to win now and the biggest risk would be Stefon Diggs playing prima donna if Hopkins starts getting too many looks, but I’d expect the team and staff to keep everything under control. The Bills are great and Hopkins would be a fantastic addition. If they can move around the salary without losing anybody. I give the odds of this happening three snow shovels.

5. Carolina Panthers

Would Hopkins want to play with a rookie? Or this? Doubtful. The biggest thing the Panthers have going for them is their salary cap and, after trading away DJ Moore, they probably should look into throwing enough money his way to make him consider it. If Hopkins decides to go with the best offer, the team is built well enough on defense in particular that it’s not impossible he’d be headed to the playoffs sooner rather than later. Considering his open wish to play for a top quarterback, however? I’d give the odds of this happening one Andy Dalton.

6. Chicago Bears

The Bears salary cap situation is perfect. If nobody else offers Hopkins a long-term contract, I’d say give him a high-end one-year contract with almost all guarantees and see what happens. Again, with this situation it’s hard to imagine Hopkins choosing to play with Justin Fields. Fields continues to grow as a quarterback, but he’s not considered by most to be anywhere near one of the elite passers in the game. His running game is incredible, though, and with the right contract offer Hopkins could definitely consider it. I don’t see it as a great fit overall, but anything is possible. I give the odds one classic SNL Bears skit.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

This would be incredible if it happened, but considering the roster I’d put the odds at “Unless he’d consider a switch to running back”.

8. Cleveland Browns

The Dawd Pound says it isn’t going to happen. It’s in my best interest to agree just to keep them on their leash.

9. Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones would probably do just about anything to make it happen, so I’ll give the odds one Stephen Jones blood sacrifice.

10. Denver Broncos

Russel Wilson is not on Hopkins preferred list of quarterbacks he’s interested in playing for. He’s not on my preferred list of quarterbacks he should play for. Overall, not a bad choice if they could somehow make the money work and you believe in Sean Payton, but I’d say the odds of this happening are about a mile high.

11. Detroit Lions


Would be an excellent choice. Honestly, they should be one of his top choices considering the way they played last year. They would have a strong running game, potentially one of the best wide receiver trios in the leage, and, obviously, one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league right now, but I don’t know if that’s enough to entice him.

It should be, though. He’d make a great fit. I’d put the odds of this happening at about one Ford Raptor.

12. Green Bay Packers

Hopkins wants a passionate quarterback. The Packers quarterback is named Love. Is this a match made in heaven?

No. I’d put the odds of him playing for the Packers slightly lower than odds of Brett Favre returning to the play Packers. Somewhere below twenty percent.

13. Houston Texans

I probably don’t hate this fit as much as most, but the odds of it happening are pretty small. Still, the odds of him becoming a Texan are higher than the odds of him becoming a Raven. Quote me on it.

14. Indianapolis Colts

Why, though?

15. Jacksonville Jaguars

You would be surprised. It’s not quite taking your talents to South Beach, but it does have similar weather and the same tax implications. This is absolutely within the realm of possibility and considering the division it’s smart of him to consider it. One Doug Pederson.

16. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce?


From a pure team standpoint this is one of three teams where he should end up, but if the rumors of him wanting to to end up on the east or west coast are true I can only give this the odds of one hamburglar.

17. Las Vegas Raiders

Davante Adams and Hopkins on the same team would be fascinating, but it would be a weird gamble for Hopkins just as it has been for Adams.

18. Los Angeles Chargers

Unlikely to happen without some massive team restructuring but he’s made it clear he’s interested. What are the odds the Chargers prefer to ditch Keenan Allen or Mike Williams? This is the Bengals situation all over again. Great fit if salary caps didn’t exist, but this isn’t the NBA.

19. Los Angeles Rams

They can’t afford to do it unless Matt Stafford gives him the rights to Pizza Pizza, which is far too much for any man to give up. But I doubt they’re complaining too much about it.

20. Miami Dolphins

Bengals. Chargers. Dolphins. The three teams Kyler Murray will likely play with him as on Madden. But not going to happen.

21. Minnesota Vikings

Not going to lie, I imagine it’s going to be hard for Hopkins to turn this down, but I think he probably will.

It’s actually a pretty good fit from a team standpoint but not great from a salary cap standpoint and there doesn’t appear to be any interest on his part. He should consider it, but I’d say the odds are pretty ice cold.

22. New England Patriots

If he wants everything EXCEPT a great QB, this is where he ends up. I think he wants a great QB. I don’t expect any cheese for Mac here.

23. New Orleans Saints

Somewhat fun to think about, as they’ve got a potentially exciting offense. But no. This is the B-Team of the Bengals, Chargers, Dolphins debate.

24. New York Giants

Great need and fit. For the Giants, who also don’t have the best salary cap situation. I don’t see why Hopkins would even consider it, but New York New York.

25. New York Jets

At this point I assume Aaron Rodgers made an agreement with some deity during his retreat into an alternate dimension, so it’s probably pretty high up there. It’s an overall good fit, a well-built team and well-coached. If he wants to go to New York this is the New York you York to.

26. Philadelphia Eagles

Somehow, the Eagles have the cap space to make this work. It Hurts me to say this, but this is definitely the second team on the list he should be seriously considering.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers

Incredibly unlikely. First, the Steelers would have to restructure their cap. Second Hopkins would have to be interested. It’s not a bad fit and they’ve got the consistent management situation he wants. It would be a huge surprise but worth looking into for the Steelers.

28. San Francisco 49ers

The third team he should be looking at and one that is extremely stacked on both sides of the ball. Consistent management and great coaching make it a great fit, but the salary cap would need some adjusting. This is the third team he should be seriously looking at but also the third one on the list. He’s talked about how he wants a great quarterback, but not a Purdy one, making the Eagles and Chiefs more likely.

29. Seattle Seahawks

There appear to be zero rumblings of this happening, but I’d be fascinated if it did. Incredibly unlikely, but I’ve learned to not write them off.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Baker Mayfield and a horrible cap situation? What’s not to love?

31. Tennessee Titans

The Titans are desperate for a wide receiver and seem likely to keep Tannehill and Henry. From their perspective, this would be a huge get and, as long as Henry stayed healthy, would make them incredibly competitive.

For Hopkins? I don’t see it. I think it’s a good enough fit, but as a free agent he’s going to find a handful of better options.

32. Washington Wizards

Honestly, it’s MORE likely he would end up on the Wizards than the Commanders at this point. It’s like expecting Kyler Murray to put down Call Of Duty. Not. Gonna. Happen.

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Rumor: Surprising Disgraced Reporter Linked To Microsoft Involved In Last Of Us Part Two Leak

Remember the 2020 Last of Us Part Two Leak?

New footage reveals disgraced reporter who had seemingly left the business in 2016 potentially involved just hours before the 2023 PlayStation Showcase. Will Naughty Dog, Microsoft, or PlayStation have a response?
Click here for the shocking footage.

#playstationshowcase #playstation #microsoft #naughtydog

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Can Sony And Microsoft Come To An Agreement? Rumors Of A Deal At The Playstation Showcase and a Huge Naughty Dog Reveal!

Oh Boy…

What a controversial thing to find and post about. Is it possible this video could be true? Could Microsoft and Sony finally have come to an amicable solution regarding their dispute over Activison? Has Naughty Dog found a way to appease fans upset over the Last Of Us Part Two?

This Video, If True, Is Huge

Be warned, there are definitely spoilers ahead. This type of update to the Last Of Us Part Two, while divisive, would definitely get fans talking. Releasing this right before the showcase is huge. This type of collaboration would take months of planning. Check out the video here.

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In Which I Dive Into the Ridiculous Controversial Rumor Of DeAndre Hopkins Becoming A Raven

To Be Clear, This Is The Dumbest, Most Ridiculous, Preposterous Rumor I’ve Ever Heard In My Entire Life

There is literally a zero percent chance of DeAndre Hopkins becoming a raven. One hundred percent not going to happen. Nothing like it has ever happened and for people to be spreading rumors otherwise is, at best, purely misinformation.

Someone Spreads A Rumor Like This ONE TIME



OK, To Be Fair

Some people have put incredibly deep thought into it, but not without controversy.

And Now We’re Expected To Believe DeAndre Hopkins Could Become A Raven?

Not going to happen. Literally impossible for DeAndre Hopkins to become a raven. You can quote me on that.

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The Three Top Ways To Learn To Code HTML, CSS, And Javascript For Free And Where To Find Them

First Things First: We Want These Options To Be 100 Percent Free

That means no upselling of paid courses on the side. This could greatly limit our options, but it also means we’re homing in on exactly what we want to find. What’s great is, in this case in particular, we’re going to find three fantastic options. The first two I want to suggest are if you’re a self-starter or only have limited time to spend studying each day. The third is if you’re motivated by more community-orientated learning and can fit much more studying into your schedule.

Self-Starters: Learn Through These Two Free Websites

The Odin Project and freeCodeCamp both literally cost nothing. That’s because both are open source (which, if you’re new means anyone can modify, share and contribute) and funded through contributions and donations.

With both you’re not obligated to time commitments and can work through them as you go. They’re each heavily geared towards learning through building projects and gaining knowledge through the complete experience working through the code. Yet, despite the ability to work alone, they also have very strong online communities.

That’s how popular freeCodeCamp is. Frankly, the amount of content they put out for free is well beyond web development, so though I’ve linked to their video on building a website, it’s well worth checking out their other playlists if you’re interested in something else. Meanwhile…while not as large, the Odin Project still has a strong community, with nearly 100,000 members on their discord channel and another 40,000 on Twitter. You absolutely cannot go wrong working on either, but if you’re looking for in-depth videos I’d recommend freeCodeCamp and if you’re hoping for an easier time getting feedback I’d check out The Odin Project and their discord. Youtube and discord are such valuable resources, and it would be great if someone combined the two while still offering everything one hundred percent free.

Leon Noel and the 100Devs Community Have Entered The Chat

Started during the pandemic, Leon committed to a 30-week software engineering bootcamp one hundred percent free with the goal of getting one hundred people jobs. Early into his second cohort, he reached that goal and has continued to surpass it with ambitions to keep building a strong compassionate community of coders and job builders. Through Twitter and discord, those who have worked on and committed to his 60 plus classes on Youtube have helped each other learn not only to build and code projects, but also how to network, freelance, and build careers.

If you’re interested in community-built learning…

I would watch from this point in Leon’s first class of his second cohort for at least 20 minutes. In that span, he discusses helping people get jobs, why he’s committed to doing it for free, and what his goals are for the entire program. If you watch that and his style of learning works for you, these classes and the community he’s helped build online could be perfect for you. His discussions are on both front-end and back-end development and through his homework he gives templates and ideas for how to work through different projects. What’s important is not only the templates and projects you work through, but also the idea of repeatedly learning how to think like a coder and job hunter. Did I say job hunter? Yes, yes I did…because as you recall his goal wasn’t just to help people learn to code.

It was to help people build skills for employment and get people jobs.

There are two classes in particular I would point to that emphasize this. The first is class 9 on networking and the second is Class 15 on how to do freelancing. Both are classes that can help anyone interested in how to find work, how to find companies that are hiring, and, more importantly, the right people within those companies who are doing the hiring. Honestly, I would recommend them to anybody interested in personally looking to find jobs and make money. I’ve linked to the parts of the video where I believe the most relevant information for anyone interested in those topics should look. These videos and the 100Devs community’s strong online presence are great ways to gain experience in building bonds for employment opportunities.

Overall, you really can’t go wrong with these three options.
It’s about finding the right fit for you.

In the cases of both freeCodeCamp and The Odin Project, you’ll find great resources in terms of self-learning and, on top of that, if you’re interested in moving beyond web development there are almost guaranteed to be some videos in freeCodeCamp geared towards the coding language and projects you’re interested in. I would, however, strongly recommend that if you have the time and are committed to learning exactly what you need to start freelancing and building a career specifically using HTML, CSS, and Javascript with a focus on web development, the 100Devs community is the top resource for you.

If that is the case, here are a couple pieces of advice I’d give you.

Since as of now there isn’t an official third cohort, you’re going to want to rely heavily on the catchup-crew on discord or other sources online if you’re struggling. There are also streamers committed to working through projects online and giving feedback as part of the community. Mayanwolfe and helloitsrufio in particular use Twitch and Youtube to continue helping give advice. Then there’s this site, which not only has each class but also the homework required for each class.

Finally, I’d make note of a couple things in regard to the Youtube classes. Since Leon’s focus has been on live teaching through Twitch, many videos can be very long with twenty plus minutes of discussions and friendly topics at the beginning. This can be very good because it’s great for continued community building and motivation, but if you’re looking to focus solely on the learning and coding you could either watch those parts at two times speed or skip ahead. If you already know certain things about the topics covered, you can also skip ahead. Unlike many other videos, this isn’t about building the Youtube algorithm it’s about you finding work. So, if you already know it and are comfortable, move ahead and get to the parts you need.

In closing, this is the most important thing to remember.

Whether you choose these programs or find something else, if you’re motivated and are in a situation where you have the time commitment and resources, you can do it. Yes, even for free. Finally, I want to share this excerpt from the final class showing the profits generated and jobs created by the last cohort. This is incredibly inspirational and motivational. Lives have been changed through this work. Keep seeking and keep searching. Good luck.

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Practicing Writing Through WordPress

Practicing Writing Through WordPress

Hey folks.

This is just an example of a blog. I’m practicing writing through WordPress to experiment with some things. On the back end of this I’m going to be looking at the format of this post to see how it looks visually and what type of things I can do from a content standpoint to improve it. I’ll also be trying out some different table of content formats to see how things like different headers and paragraphs look on it.

It’s a lot…

I’ve been working on this project off and on for awhile. This is my first attempt at genuinely building and blogging through WordPress and, while I enjoy many parts of the process, there’s definitely a learning curve in terms of the user interface, especially with so many options in terms of templates, themes, and plugins.

The good news is there are lots of options.


That right there. It looks nicer than the previous headings, but how essential is it? Does it help visually? Does it have some type of effect on SEO? I have no idea. But it’s something.

This is another header option.

I have no idea why my WordPress has a need for three different header options.

Here’s a quick usage of Openverse’s image search.

That’s pretty interesting. It’s definitely something one could quickly use to grab a quick image at least. You do have the option of removing the caption and since it’s through Openverse a person should be able to remove it if they want. I suppose I should try link to Openverse.

About Openverse | Openverse

As of this current writing I count well over 100
block options for formatting.

I believe dozens of them are from different recommended plugins I grabbed. There are definitely a handful that look incredibly useful. I’ve got to say overall the blocks and writing process through WordPress looks pretty good. We’ll just have to see what other options I can find for designing the website overall and this content in general. Anyway, I just wanted to post something so I could experiment a bit with design. Thanks for reading this if you randomly did.

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